What's the Difference?

Managed  VS Unmanaged 

Managed vs unmanaged (2).png

What are Managed Apps & Bundles?

Managed apps, features, and bundles have a recurring license model because the developers of the apps or bundle keep the code up to date and ensure it works with new releases of NetSuite and/or SuiteCommerce. This places any maintenance burden on developers of the solution. However, the con of the managed apps is that they have a recurring revenue model.

What are Unmanaged Apps & Bundles?

Unmanaged apps, features, and bundles mean that the solution has already been built and implemented into other NetSuite environments, but they are extra customizable. It's hard to develop a managed solution when there are consistently heavy modifications requested by customers to accommodate each business. As a result, it doesn't make sense for developers to try to manage dozens of different versions. Instead, it becomes an unmanaged solution meaning that you only pay for the installation and you won't have to pay recurring subscriptions. In a lot of cases, this ends up being the cheapest route. The con is that if something happens to break when NetSuite or SuiteCommerce has an update, you will need to reach out to the developer to update the solution. This isn't the end of the work for most NetSuite customers because it is rare for unmanaged solutions.

Why are unmanaged solutions so important?

It is difficult to make a product that serves every industry and every company uniquely. In order to avoid having to remake solutions from scratch to solve unique business problems, it's easier to repurpose code and development costs to reimplement again and again.


SuiteMarkets exists to get as many solutions in front of NetSuite customers so that they get in touch with the people who have already built what they want to have. Managed apps typically don't occur until at least 25 customers have been sold an unmanaged solution. It takes a lot of time to get to that point and you will miss opportunities for business efficiency by not having some of these features immediately. If you really like your unmanaged solution after it has been installed, make sure to communicate to the developer that you would like it to be a managed solution in the future. This will help accelerate the process.