Gift On Purchase Promo

This extension consists in giving the customer a gift when enough products that sum a certain amount of money are added to cart, the user will be able to choose a gift that will be added to the cart.
When the notification is clicked a modal window is displayed, which contains the eligible items to select as a gift.



•Multiple items can be chosen as possible gifts
•Gifts may have tiers according to the total amount of money spent by the customer
•Shows a notification message when the products added to the cart cost over an established amount of money
•Preserves good user experience practices by having it as a notification instead of a pop-up so it   doesn’t have a negative impact on the customer’s experience
•After clicking the notification, a modal window opens with the chosen gifts
•The user can select a gift which is then added to the cart as a free item



When the customer adds to cart more than XX amount, a banner appears at the top of the page to indicate that it is available a gift to add to cart. By clicking on the banner a modal appears and the user is able to select an item to be added as a gift from a list of items.


Online Price: 



Implementation Time (included in price):

8 Hours


Developed as a NetSuite Bundle




Yes and can be transferred to current versions

Note: Customization or special features added beyond standard implementation time will increase the price. Generally, this is increased by the hourly rate of a firm, developer, or consultant. This is determined prior to your purchase during a demo. 


Customization Type

Kilimanjaro Version