Advanced Search Solution

This search solution understands your shopper's query and your store's product data to ensure that relevant product results are delivered to shoppers every time. It provides powerful manual and automated merchandising controls that allow you to decide which products and content shoppers see on search results, category pages, and landing pages.



  • Autocomplete

  • Typeahead Suggestions

  • Did You Mean Suggestions

  • Semantic Search

  • Ability to Define Searchable Fields

  • Robust Synonym Management

  • Mobile/Responsive



  • Improves search and adds new search capabilities to help shoppers find the right products.

  • Allows merchants to control which products and banners are seen on any results page which allows them to control which products sell.

  • Improves the navigation experience for shoppers by providing better faceting/filter and sorting options.

  • Allows merchants to control which types of products are seen inside of recommendations, which can improve engagement and conversion rates.


Online Price: 

Starting at $500/month


Implementation Time (included in price):

6 Weeks


Developed as a NetSuite Bundle





Note: Customization or special features added beyond standard implementation time will increase the price. Generally, this is increased by the hourly rate of a firm, developer, or consultant. This is determined prior to your purchase during a demo. 


Customization Type