Advanced Compound Sorting

Do you have a product listing page that you want to provide further sorting capabilities? This SuiteCommerce feature will allow you to stack sorts like best sellers, ratings, featured, new arrivals, and any other type of sorting that you would prefer. Lets assume you have "Best Seller" selected in the may want the following products to show in this arrivals, highest rated featured, lowest rated in stock, then lowest rated out of stock. This feature will do that for you while maintaining high performance.



  • Allows for stackable sorting options 

  • Fully customizable solution 

  • Out of the box feature currently includes new arrivals, best sellers, stock levels, and ratings 

  • Maximizes shopper browsing experience 

  • Applies to seach results and product listing pages (i.e. commerce categories) 

  • Default to preferred sort



Tired of having customers select a filter or multiple sorts? Streamline the shopping experience with this elegant ecommerce feature for sorting products. Best for ecommerce websites with large item volumes. Keep the out of stock products in check in the right order.


Online Price: 



Implementation Time (included in price):

15 Hours


Developed as a NetSuite Bundle





Note: Customization or special features added beyond standard implementation time will increase the price. Generally, this is increased by the hourly rate of a firm, developer, or consultant. This is determined prior to your purchase during a demo. 


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