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Wholesale Bulk Order Form

  • Instant update to cart with quantity changes

  • Utilize facets to narrow results of order form

  • Perform normal shopping while maintaining cart from bulk order

  • Navigate away from bulk order form and holds quantities

Advanced Search Solution

  • Autocomplete

  • Typeahead Suggestions

  • Did You Mean Suggestions

  • Semantic Search

  • Ability to Define Searchable Fields

  • Robust Synonym Management

  • Mobile/Responsive

Kits Customization

  • Adds kit Product Details Page that allows the user to visualize all items in the kit

  • Users can select the corresponding options for each category

  • Kit is handled as such from the Product Listing Page, cart and mini cart views

Gift On Purchase Promo

•Multiple items can be chosen as possible gifts
•Gifts may have tiers according to the total amount of money spent by the customer
•Shows a notification message when the products added to the cart cost over an established amount of money
•Preserves good user experience practices by having it as a notification instead of a pop-up so it   doesn’t have a negative impact on the customer’s experience
•After clicking the notification, a modal window opens with the chosen gifts
•The user can select a gift which is then added to the cart as a free item

Display Custom Records

  • Installs a Bundle 

  • Adds fields to SuiteCommerce configuration 

  • Toggle between table view and standard view 

  • Display any custom record and link through configuration 

  • Change the order where this feature is placed on the left navigation 

  • Speedy implementation time under 4 hours

Place Order Pop Up Offer

  • Pop up after customer places an order

  • SuiteCommerce Configuration Enabled

  • Fast installation

  • Customize your design

  • Choose your NetSuite item 

  • Instantly Completes Order with Either Decision

  • Increases Order Totals

Automatic Credit Card Fee

  • Automatically and effortlessly applies a fee when paying with a credit card

  • Fee can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total cost

  • Fee will apply to the entire cost of the order including shipping

  • Script manages sales orders and keeps fee up to date if the order is edited

  • All fees will be kept track of as a non-inventory item for easy accounting

  • Does not slow down the customer’s web experience

Guided Selling Product Finder

•Business customer-friendly products search bar.
•Can include any number of multi-select fields exposed as facets.
•Updates the options displayed based on the selected values and the inventory items.
•Fully customizable
•High performance for page speed
•Easy to install


•Post List Page, similar to Product List Page.
•Post filtering, sorting and pagination.
•Post Details Page, similar to Product Details Page.
•Related posts sidebar on each Post Details Page.
•Mobile Responsive
•Fully customizable
•High performance for page speed
•Easy to install

Advanced Compound Sorting

  • Allows for stackable sorting options 

  • Fully customizable solution 

  • Out of the box feature currently includes new arrivals, best sellers, stock levels, and ratings 

  • Maximizes shopper browsing experience 

  • Applies to seach results and product listing pages (i.e. commerce categories) 

  • Default to preferred sort

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