What makes a SuiteMarkets qualified feature?

It's quite simple...it needs to solve a NetSuite or SuiteCommerce problem.

It does not need to be a bundled solution to be listed. There just has to be an instance where you have implemented the solution in a NetSuite instance. It could be a solution for another client or one that you created in a demo environment to solve a common issue you have seen.

SuiteMarkets recognizes that most solutions still require additional customization for each new customer, this is why we don't require a bundled solution. Our main goal is to connect NetSuite customers with professionals that have developed a very similar solution.


From there, you will have increased efficiency and existing code to reuse.

Ideally, a custom solution is bundled...however, true NetSuite customization are rarely 100% compatible with every account and require some form of adjustments. 

If you have a NetSuite certification, it would be useful to list 'Made by a NetSuite certified SuiteCloud developer' or a similar statement.

Typical Listing Examples

  • 3rd Party Software that integrates to NetSuite

  • Custom NetSuite integrations

  • Custom Bundles to solve a common business process

  • SuiteCommerce themes and extensions

  • Module add-on features



  • Title 

  • Description

  • Features

  • Business Use Cases

  • Banner Image

  • Image Gallery Images

  • Demo Video (Screen share or marketing video)

  • Creator (your name or company)

  • Estimated Implementation Time

  • Online Price

    • NOTE: SuiteMarkets collects 10% of this value

    • NOTE: Value cannot be higher than other publicly listed websites

  • Category Name

  • NetSuite or SuiteCommerce App Designation

  • Type

    • SuiteCommerce extension or theme​

    • SuiteScript

  • Is it bundled?

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NOTE: SuiteMarkets is not owned or operated by Oracle Netsuite. It is an independent platform built by NetSuite professionals for NetSuite end-users.