NetSuite ERP

NetSuite Ebay Integration Add On

This integration enables users to synchronize the eBay item compatibilities (vehicles) stored on the NetSuite item records as custom records with eBay listings. It is currently not supported by the commercial NetSuite-eBay integration solution that Celigo developed. It serves as an Add-on of the Celigo integration solution.



  • Add 2 custom records to store the item compatibility records

  • Install a list of SuiteScripts to provide the user interface where users can add compatible vehicles to item records

  • Install a Celigo data flow to sync the data with eBay through XML-based REST API



Mainain the item compatility list from NetSuite ERP


Online Price: 



Implementation Time (included in price):

15 Hours


Developed as a NetSuite Bundle





Note: Customization or special features added beyond standard implementation time will increase the price. Generally, this is increased by the hourly rate of a firm, developer, or consultant. This is determined prior to your purchase during a demo. 


Customization Type

Celigo Add-On