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NetSuite Ebay Integration

NetSuite Ebay Integration Add On

  • Add 2 custom records to store the item compatibility records

  • Install a list of SuiteScripts to provide the user interface where users can add compatible vehicles to item records

  • Install a Celigo data flow to sync the data with eBay through XML-based REST API

NetSuite Document Sign Solution

NetSuite Customer Documents Signing Portal

  • Customized theme

  • NetSuite Suitelet (build inside NetSuite)

  • Auto attached signed documents to customer or vendor

  • Signing email reminders

  • Customer specific portal

  • Membership payment authorize

  • Deposit

  • Recurring payments setup using native NetSuite payments

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NetSuite EDI Integration

NetSuite EDI Integration Through Transus EDI






Recurring Sales Order

Recurring Sales Orders

  • Includes installation of 2 scripts

  • Automatic Creation of new sales orders based on previous orders

  • Transfers items to the next sales order when they are fulfilled/activated

  • Continues customer billing

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