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List Your NetSuite or SuiteCommerce App

Independent Consultants, Developers, Software Companies, or Partners

Have you checked out our NetSuite App and  SuiteCommerce App store? It's a free method of getting your customization to more people! You get branding, marketing, visibility, and more traffic to your work for free. Once you partner with our team, you'll be able to list as many custom NetSuite development work you have created. If you are a software company with a pre-built NetSuite integration, then list it here for free. 

Read more about what makes a qualified feature to list and what to submit...

List and Resell your Solution

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How Does SuiteMarkets Make Money?

We try to have a minimal impact on deterring you to list of the marketplace. Ultimately, we are building a community of developers and consultants that want to resell their work. Since we don't charge to list on the marketplace, we do need a way to keep our business running.


These are the ways our business generates revenue...

  • Commission (10%) on the online price of the app/feature sold

  • Featured promotion 


This allows you to resell your work, customize it further, and continue working on other projects with a NEW client! 

It's great for the NetSuite customer because they find someone who has proved their knowledge in customization they are looking to implement and they have an opportunity to establish a long relationship with you. 

This structure is designed to be effective for NetSuite partners, independent consultants, and 3rd party software companies looking to sell their solution that integrates to NetSuite. 


It's a win-win-win! 

Awesome! What Next??

1. Request to be listed via our contact and we will call or email you back with more information

2. Since this is a relationship built on trust, we will establish a contract with you. 

3. From there, we will give you the listing page required fields for your product detail page. 

4. Once you submit the material, we will get it published ASAP

5. As soon as a customer has an interest in your solution, we will put the client and you in contact so you can answer any questions or even provide a demo.